Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I promised my 27 year old daughter that I would put a picture of her cat Rudy on the blog. Lisa and Rudy came to live with us for 6 months during the summer of 2006. Rudy is from the last litter of Persian/Himalayan cats that I bred. Back in the mid 90's, while still living in the city, I had a small breeding program of Himalayan cats focusing on the 'chocolate and lilac' colour gene which is still quite rare in this breed of cat. Chocolate (bbDD) and lilac (bbdd) are lighter in colour than the more common seal point(BBDD) and blue point(BBdd). The bb gene also has an effect on the coat colour of the Himalayans making it very clear and white compared to the seal point and blue point which often have a muddy colour to their coat. We would breed back into Persian lines to keep the type. Even with the cats, I was fascinated with recessive and modifed colours :-) Rudy is a very sweet, pleasant cat and I miss her living here (and Lisa, I miss you living here too!)

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