Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When we sold our farm in February, we put aside enough money to have a fencing contractor do the fencing on the new acreage. Dennis fenced the two previous farms so was happy to let a fencing contractor put in the 1600 yards of farm fence needed here. The fencing should take about 1 week to complete. We are aiming to move the 5th wheel travel trailer to the acreage by the May long weekend and then we can bring the sheep and other animals home.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some More Lamb Photos


After 7 weeks away in the desert of Mesa Arizona in our 5th wheel trailer, we returned home to 100 Mile House last week. The day after we got back, Bree delivered this lovely HSt lamb. The,sheep waited for us to get home before they started lambing! Co-incidental probably, but I'll choose to think that they waited. Twelve of the fifteen bred ewes have lambed. We have some awesome lambs born this year. I will be adding some more pictures soon.

I will also be blogging over the next few months about the development of the acreage that we purchased last fall. The plans for our new house are just about complete. Fencing of the 10 acres will start tomorrow. Later this week, the electrical contractor will be installing the power lines. Once power is in and the fencing is complete, we will consider moving our 5th wheel on to the property so that we can bring the animals home.

Meanwhile, Dennis and myself, our two Newfoundlands and two Lhasa Apsos are continuing to do well in the 5th wheel. The dogs were a big hit with everyone at the RV campgrounds we stayed at on our trip south. I also look forward to reading your blogs to see what you have all been up to.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Eight months makes for a huge change in a Newfoundland puppy! The top photo was taken on June 14/08 and the second photo in February 2009. This is "Gordie" from our April 2008 litter. Gordie now makes his home on Vancouver Island.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The girls will be packing their suitcases for their move this weekend.

It all started back in October when we came across a gorgeous 14 acre parcel of land located 15 minutes from our current farm. This property had so much of what we had always hoped for, a creek running though it, a hill where a house could be built to overlook the fields and it was surrounded by 4000 acres of crown land (government owned land that is leased to cattle ranchers for summer grazing). In early November we decided to test the local real estate market and list our farm. We really didn't expect much to happen until at least spring time. Well to our great surprise, we received a decent offer for the farm by early December. The one condition that the purchaser was firm about was a possession date of February 28th. Since the snow does not leave here until the end of March at the earliest, it makes for a challenging move. Since we have no house to move to, we are currently moving all our belongings into storage. Fortunately good friends of ours have agreed to take the Shetlands to their farm and lamb them for us. The alpacas are going to another alpaca breeder here in 100 Mile House for the duration we are away. When the ground finally thaws out (sometime in May) we will be building a basement and putting a modular home on it. Hopefully we will be living in our new home by August. Until then, we (and the dogs) will be travelling south in our 5th wheel holiday trailer returning to this area in late April or early May to start on our new home.