Thursday, December 13, 2007


Above is one of my favorite dog photos. I did not take this photo - it was taken at a show site on Vancouver Island. I have been rebuilding my Lhasa Apso website and came across this picture of Sassy at 6 months old. I think Sassy has a very expressive face! The bands are in her hair to keep her from chewing her head coat.

Sassy has grown into a lovely young lady who loves to show.


Thistledown said...

Sassy. is. beautiful.

Beth & Dennis @ Milehaus Farm said...

Thank you - have a Merry Christmas!

Beth & Dennis and all the critters at Milehaus Farm.

zoeysparents said...

Didnt know you had a blog.... will watch for upcoming news.
Zoey liked the dog photos.