Friday, November 2, 2007


With our farm at an elevation of 4000 feet, winter comes early to the 100 Mile House area.
The lake out back has started to freeze around the edge.

Mary says she is glad she is a Shetland sheep - she is tough and can withstand the cold - and she has heard that the barn has a furnace for those REALLY cold days.


Keith said...

I hope that Mary has to retreat to the heated barn all Winter and that you have minus 30 for months on end to kill the dreaded pine beetle that has killed so many thousands of acres of BC pine forest.

Beth & Dennis said...

Yes, it is pretty sad to see the devastation with all the dead pine trees in the forest - not to mention the extreme fire hazard this poses in the summer months. At the moment, the logging trucks run 7 days a week harvesting the dead pines. But in a few years time, when the logging of the dead pines is completed, what is to happen to the forestry industry in small town BC? Personally we have lost over 100 mature pines on our property to beetle kill. The bright side is this will keep us in firewood for quite some time :-)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Mary has the most exquisite head!

Beth & Dennis said...

Isn't Mary one of the sweetest looking lambs! She came to us in September from Franna. She is a real character and follows us around as we do chores. Mary is out of a Skeld daughter and has lovely fleece.


Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Beth, I forgot to add.... I've been there at 100 mile house before! Beautiful country, although yes we too have the bark beetle doing it's killing of our spruce trees and redecorating the landscape. And yes, the best thing out of it all is that there is plenty of firewood to off-set the high price of heating a home with oil. Time for new clearings in the forest and new plantings that the beetles don't care for.