Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is a photo taken last Sunday morning from our front field. We heard a horrific crash. Dennis was first on scene of what turned out to be a fatal accident. The driver of the SUV in the ditch died at the scene. The purpose of this post - a reminder to all family, friends and fellow critter breeders to use extra caution when driving on winter roads.


Franna said...

Ohhhhh, how traumatic! Traffic deaths have to be among the most senseless and haunting ones. Kudos and hugs to Dennis for helping out.
Please, everyone drive safely and defensively!
- Franna

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How awful! Is Dennis handling the aftermath okay? We seldom get weather like that here, but we do have frost and ice occasionally. Since we've lived in areas with more severe weather, sometimes it feels like no one else knows how to drive on the stuff!

Beth & Dennis @ Milehaus Farm said...

The accident certainly shook us up - can't help thinking about the young wife and children that are left without a husband/father. It certainly reiterates living life each day as if it could be your last.